“Take off your jacket and attack me”


toheiueshiba1Here is an excerpt from Tohei Sensei’s Book of Ki where he relays his first encounter with Ueshiba Morihei

‘The students attacked him and were easily thrown. It looked fake. Then Master Ueshiba turned to me and said, “Take off your jacket and attack me.” I tried to grab him, but the next thing I knew, I was lying on the mats. I could not figure out how I had been thrown. I had not felt force applied to any part of my body. Had he done so, I would have able to think of a defence, but I had felt no force at all.’

Heidelberg March 2018

Thank you, Heidelberg Ki Aikido  Club for hosting another great seminar with Doshu Yoshigasaki at your excellent Dojo in Leimen. As usual, the German hospitality was very generous and coupled with Sensei’s thought-provoking course led to a great weekend.

Sensei will be in Heidelberg again at the end of September. His itinerary for the year can be found here.

Club closure over Christmas break.

The club will be closed for a couple of weeks over the Christmas break.

The last day for the Farringdon club will be 19th December. We will be starting at our new venue at the Deli Studios in Broadgate on the 9th January

The adults class in Ruislip will run until the 21st December. We start again on the 4th January next year. The children’s class will run until the 17th December this year. It will restart on the 7th January

London City Club moving

After over two years at the dojo in Farringdon, we are moving the club to a new venue at Broadgate. These will be at the Deli Studios  which can be access through the Theatre Delicatessen at 2,Finsbury Avenue, London

 We will be starting at the new venue from the 9th January 2018. The class will run every Tuesday from the 6pm-8pm and cost £10/session or £40/month.