Children’s Aikido Seminar Review

The kids from the children’s class have just returned from a Aikido seminar in Germany. The course not only taught Aikido techniques but also some Aikigames. These are games where the children learnt, through play, ukemi as well as other Aikido concepts such as coordination, calmness and confidence. The camp environment of the seminar ensured the practised continued on and off the mat. Here is a short clip with one of our students.

One of the children has written a review. “The Rugen seminar was fun, exciting and serious at the same time. Me, and my brother and my parents travelled all the way to Germany for this experiece and it was definately worth it. As well as learning fun aikido techniques and ‘Aiki-Games’ I also learnt how to count up to twelve in German and say a few German words. Overall the Aikido at the Seaside seminar in Rugen was awesome. The people, both adults andchildren were extra nice and the food was scrumptious and the genius Dragon theme, and Dragon activities that came with it, kept us all busy. I loved the seminar and hope to go next time.”


All of Aikido Book Review

A review of Doshu Yoshigasaki’s new book, All of Aikido,  has been written on the British Ki Society website. His previous book, Inner Voyage of a Stranger is also available.


He will be in London on Friday 19th June to teach a class to our London club followed by a weekend Seminar in Salisbury.

If you would like more information about the course or either book please contact us by completing the form below.

Yaskawa Bushido Project

Japanese engineers have designed a robot that was able to learn how to use a sword with precision by copying the moves of its “teacher,” a Japanese Iaijyutsu sword master, Isao Machii. Pay attention to the line mathematics (58 sec.) that was used to teach the Motoman MH-24 how to wield a sword.


All of Aikido by Doshu Yoshigaski

659Doshu Yoshigaski’s book, All of Aikido, has just been published.

With 456 pages and  1497  colour photographs this comprehensive books covers all aspects of Aikido including exercises you can practise by yourself, techniques that can be applied against a wide range of attacks, multiple attacks, weapon training, Misogi and Kenkodo.

This book describes in detail how Aikido techniques can work to stop fighting instead of carrying on conflicts. It gives a thorough guide to the foundations of the art and suggestions of how to apply these ideas in daily life.

The book costs £25.00  (which included P&P) and can be purchased via the British Ki Society by sending a cheque to
Shihan Burgess,
British Ki Society,
5, Hopkins Road,

Alternatively you can buy a copy at one of our London dojo. If you would like more information please fill in the contact form below.

Doshu Yoshigasaki teaching in London 19th June


Doshu Yoshigasaki will be teaching in London on Friday 19th June 2015

The Studio
Bloomsbury Fitness,
3rd floor Bloomsbury Theatre Building,
15 Gordon Street

19:30 – 21:30 General Class

The class will cost £15.00

We will be providing a list of attendees to Bloomsbury Fitness before the class.

Doshu will continue onto Salisbury on 20th-21st June to teach a weekend seminar. More details of this course can be found on the British Ki Society website. We will be organising transport to and from London for the seminar.

If you would like to attend please fill in the contact form below.

City Dojo moved to Farringdon

We have recently changed venues in the City and now practise at Farringdon, a few minutes walk from our previous dojo at the Barbican.

The classes will run from  6pm-8pm on Wednesdays and cost £10 a session or £35/month.

Our classes in Harrow, on Thursday between 7pm-9pm will run as normal.

If you would like to give Aikido a try or have any other questions let us know.

New Kenkodo Class

We will be running a Kenkodo class from 7pm-8pm on Monday at Templeton House on the fourth floor. In this class we will cover various Meditation, Breathing and Stretching methods and see how they can be applied to your daily life.


This class is suitable for everyone, not just those who are practising Aikido.  In fact, many people from other disciplines, such as from dance or Karate have taken Kenkodo classes to compliment their own training.

More details about what Kenkodo is, and how it is really everyone’s responsibility to practise this, or something similar, can be found here.

If you would like more information please fill in the contact form below.